Welcome to Our Kitchen
Nutrition is a crucial part of a child’s development.
Erin Mills Child Care provides children with nutritious, well balanced, meals. Wholesome Kids Catering prepares our meals and delivers it to our centre in a container that keeps the food in its prepare and safe temperature.

Daily menus consist of a “breakfast” morning snack, followed by a nutritious cooked lunch with dessert, and an afternoon snack. Milk and or water are served with every meal or snack.

Meals at Erin Mills Child Care Centre are nutritiously balanced to meet your child’s dietary needs and to comply with Canada’s Food Guide.

Wholesome Kids Catering is certified in “food handling” by the Region of Peel to ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen and the preparation of the meals meet all health and safety standards.

Morning Snack
Daily menus consist of a “breakfast” morning snack.

Nutritional Lunch
A nutritious cooked lunch with dessert.

Afternoon Snack
A delicious afternoon snack.