When The Salvation Army Child Care Centre first opened its doors in 1976, we had specific ideas in mind as to what our Centre would offer each individual child. Over the years, we have watched our Centre grow and attain its specific goals.

We take great pride in our growth both in size as well as in experience and we feel that there is always room for continued growth to make our Centre better for everyone involved.

When each parent enrolls their child in our centre, we make them aware that we are a Christian Day Care Centre. Although we do not have a structured program in religion, we try to help the children develop spiritual attitudes in an incidental manner through our actions and reactions to the parents, the children and our co-workers. Bible stories and songs are taught when appropriate to a particular theme. Of course, great emphasis is placed on the true meaning of Christmas and Easter. We also recognize and respect the religious beliefs of those who attend our Centre and encourage the parents to share with us some of their special celebrations.

Our environment is a safe and clean one, free from hazardous situations so that the children, teachers and parents feel comfortable with the Centre.

The quality of the program is an important aspect of our Centre. We feel that a quality program will enhance each child’s learning, vocabulary, socialization and play skills. Our weekly programming is based on the children’s interests. Through the curriculum, children are encouraged to learn and develop at their own pace.

Our overall goal is that, when a child has completed his/her stay with us and is ready to leave our Centre; he/she will leave us with a sense of security, independence and positive self-esteem.